Mr & Mrs Young | Barnsdale Lodge Wedding

Barnsdale Lodge hosted a stunning wedding on the 24th June 2016. Ellen and Ian were to become Mr & Mrs Young.

So much about this wedding made it beautiful! Let’s start at the beginning before we get ahead of ourselves.

Bridal prep was full of fun and laughs, the children took the chance to play out in the sun whilst Ellen had her hair and makeup done. With a traditional white gown and bejewelled hairpiece, Ellen looked every bit the blushing bride. This was a gorgeous contrast to the colour scheme of their day. We can honestly say it’s brightest we’ve ever encountered!

The bouquet was a mix of oversized daisies in all colours to complement the 90’s rave theme. Ellen’s shoes were also decorated with pink and blue flowers.

Ian and his grooms were also a colourful bunch, with bright pink ties and cravats! Their clashing yellow boutonnieres really added to the effect. Ian’s was a miniature version of our bride’s bouquet too, which was just too cute! They all stood waiting at the ceremony for Ellen.

The room looked amazing! Each chair decorated with a sash from every colour of the rainbow!

When Ellen arrived it was apparent that today’s wedding would be so full of laughter and love. The main indication to that was her dancing down the aisle with her father as everybody clapped and sang along!

Smiles were on the couple’s faces throughout the entire ceremony. Friends and family shared the happiness, with a few tears thrown in for good measure!

At the reception, it was time for pictures and mingling. Everybody sat down for the wedding breakfast and some wonderful speeches. The speeches were lovely and everybody toasted to the happy couple.

Now, we know they couldn’t have possibly planned it this way, but to perfectly match the colourful 90’s rave theme, what happened? The Great British weather graced our newlyweds with a shower. Most of the time, that would put a dampener on things, right? But not for Mr & Mrs Young. They now had a wonderful rainbow in the sky over some of the most beautiful grounds at the venue. Check out the venue here.

Another amazing feature of the wedding that truly showcased the vibrant nature not only of the day, but of the couple too – was the cake! Unlike any other, this amazing cake was a medley of colour. Pink, orange, green and yellow cupcakes surrounded the main piece. And that was an incredible 3 tier black and white, rainbow decorated, ‘paint’ splattered tower of awesomeness, all showered in edible glitter!

What a perfect end to a perfect wedding!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on a vibrant and memorable day! We loved to be able to capture your day on film!

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